Pro-Ject Phono Box MKII

MM/MC Phono Preamplifier


In excellent condition. Sorry, no original box and packing is available. Manual is easily downloaded from the internet.

Do you have a turntable, but no phono input on your receiver, integrated amp, or shelf system? No problem — just hook up the Pro-Ject Phono Box MKII preamplifer in-line between your record player and any of your receiver's line-level inputs, and you're ready to enjoy your LP collection all over again. Pro-Ject's clean, simple design uses premium quality parts to deliver the warm, relaxed sound that vinyl is famous for. Its compact all-metal body rejects interference to ensure clean sound, and the gold-plated inputs and outputs resist corrosion for the best possible signal transfer. This preamp is compatible with both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges, so you can count on proper matching with virtually any turntable and cartridge combination.


Overview: The Pro-Ject Phono Box II allows you to connect a turntable with either a MM (moving magnet) or MC (moving coil) cartridge to today's home receiver's and amplifier which do not offer a dedicated phono input.

Metal Case: The Phono Box II's metal case shields the electronics from vibration and electromagnetic interference.

Dual-Mono Circuitry: The Phono Box II provides optimal channel separation through dual-mono circuitry and low-noise ICs.

RIAA Equalization: The Pro-Ject Phono Box II provides amplification and RIAA equalization for both MM and MC cartridges.

Phono (MM/MC) Button The Phono Box II can be used in either MM (moving magnet) or MC (moving coil) mode according to the type of turntable cartridge. There is a button on the back of the unit which allows you to switch between MM or MC mode.


Input Impedance: MM: 47k ohms/120pf / MC: 100 ohms/120pf

Output Voltage: MM: 300mV/1kHz @ 3mV/1kHz / MC:  300mV/1kHz @ 0.3mV/1kHz

Gain: MM: 40dB / MC: 60dB

Maximum Output: 9.5V (1kHz)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: MM:  86dBV (94dBV - "A" weighted) / MC: 68dBV (75dBV - "A" weighted)

THD: MM: <0.01% / MC: <0.05%

RIAAA-Equalization Curve Accuracy: <0.5dB / 20Hz-20kHz:

Power Supply: 16V/200-500mA AC

Power Consumption: 16V/30mA AC

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