Pioneer RT-909

Reel to reel tape deck


When it comes to classic 1970s, golden era hifi, nothing plays the part better than a Pioneer RT-909. Its silver face is shining with features like auto reverse, play repeat, line and mic inputs, and timer start. It accepts both 7 inch and 10 inch reels. This is a 4 track, two channel machine or, commonly referred to, as a 1/4 track.

This partiuclar one has been gone through by a tech that has been working on these since they were new. It includes our 90 day parts and labor warranty. We believe this is especially important selling point. Reel to reel machines that have not been serviced in a long time, like ones you'll find on eBay and Craigslist, should be avoided unless you plan on servicing them. 

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