Peachtree Decco2

Remote Controlled Hybrid Tube Integrated Amplifier with DAC


In really nice condition. Gloss Black finish. includes factory remote control. Sorry original box and packing are not included. Manual is easily found on the internet.

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With its trailblazing Decco amplifier, Peachtree Audio hit on a winning formula for the download generation — a high current integrated amp with a vacuum tube preamp stage mated to a high-performance digital-to-analog converter. A USB input made it surprisingly simple to enjoy high-fidelity sound when using a computer as a music source. The vacuum tube made digital music sound surprisingly organic.

The new Decco2 improves on the original, by incorporating the acclaimed ESS Sabre DAC. The Sabre DAC "upsamples" your music files to 24-bit/96kHz resolution and filters out "jitter" (digital timing errors). The result is digital music that sounds remarkably clean and lifelike, with three-dimensional stereo imaging. The DAC filter slope switch let you choose a fast slope that measures better on a test bench or a slow slope that sounds better to some listeners. The back panel features a "sharp/slow" filter switch that helps fine tune the sound to your listening preferences. You also get variable and fixed line out, so you can connect a subwoofer or an external amp. The Decco2's optical and coaxial inputs make it easy to connect your other digital sources such as a CD player, music server, or a music streamer.

Overview: The Peachtree Audio Decco² is an audiophile-grade 40 watt x two-channel hybrid integrated amplifier. The preamp's Class-A tube buffer tames harsh compressed digital music and allows exceptional reproduction when listening to high resolution files. The high-current amplifier section then powers your speakers. In addition to the internal amplifier, the preamp also feeds the preamp output (for use with an outboard amp or powered subwoofer), the fixed line output (for using the Decco² as a stand-alone DAC), and the Class-A tube headphone section.

DAC (Digital to Analog Converter): The Decco² includes the ESS 9006 Sabre DAC, a mutli-layer board with over 450 components and 11 regulated power supplies. The ESS Sabre DAC's patented jitter reduction circuit re-clocks the digital signal before passing it through a high-resolution 24/96 upsampling processor, perfect for computers and most streaming or hard-drive based music servers because they typically have high levels of jitter (digital timing error between the source and the DAC). Each digital input is transformer-coupled so noise associated with ground loops and switching power supplies from computers is eliminated.

USB Connection: Using the Decco², you can take pure digital audio signals from iTunes, Windows Media Player, Front Row, or any other music management system on your computer before it goes through a sound card. Just connect USB cable between your computer and the Decco²'s USB type-B port; no sound card is required.

Controls: The Decco² has the following controls (input voltage, filter slope, and jitter bandwidth are on the rear-panel):

Power: on/standby

Input Selectors: five discrete input buttons; USB/Coaxial/Optical/Aux 1/Aux 2

Volume: rotary volume control; the knob is motorized and turns when you adjust the volume using the remote control

Filter Slope: the slope of the DAC's digital filter is switchable; fast/slow

Jitter Bandwidth: wide/narrow

Voltage Switch: the input voltage is switchable for international use; 115V/230V

Remote Control: An easy to use IR remote control is included with the Decco²; it offers the same functions as the front-panel controls, plus adds mute and tube buttons (the tube button toggles between solid state and tube-hybrid operation of the preamp). The remote control IR sensor is located in the center of the Decco²'s front-panel.

Connections: The Peachtree Audio Decco² features the following connections (all but the headphone output are on the rear-panel):

Aux 1 and Aux 2: two sets of analog stereo RCA inputs

Optical Digital Input: Toslink input

Coaxial Digital Input: single RCA input

USB Input: USB type-B port; takes digital audio content from your computer and sends it to the internal DAC

Pre-Out: stereo RCA preamp-outputs allow you to use an external amplifier or a powered subwoofer

Fixed Line Output: the Class A fixed line output (stereo RCA) allows you to use the Decco² as a stand alone DAC

Speaker Terminals: left and right binding-post speaker terminals; will accept spade, single banana, or pin connectors and bare wire up to 8-gauge

Remote in/out: 3.5mm remote input and output jacks

AC Input: three-prong detachable power cord is included

Headphone Output: front-panel, 1/4" headphone output; the speakers are muted when headphones are plugged in

Tube Window: The Decco² features a tube window, allowing you to view the glow of the unit's tube. The blue LED under the tube is lit when the preamp is in tube-hybrid mode.

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