Nakamichi System One

Vintage Matched Rack Mounted Stereo System

This Vintage Rare Nakamichi System One Rack System includes the following: 

  • System One timer
  • 600 Cassette Deck
  • 630 Tuner / preamp
  • 620 Amplifier - 100wpc
  • System One rack

The System One is a unique concept. The unitizing of a group of no-compromise products to form a nucleus around which an ultimate music system can be built is a concept several years ahead of its time, and clearly Nakamichi. The System One Rack with built-in Program Timer is simple to assemble and enjoy. The included Program Timer is a sophisticated device capable of many functions. It is the result of the latest MOS IC technology and features all-electronic control as well as an LED type display. The timer allows unattended recording of radio broadcasts and sleeping or waking to radio or tape in addition to functioning as a very accurate digital clock. And its a Nakamichi - so it has a great cassette deck as well!

From the '80's and is in good condition.

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