Naim Flatcap 2X

External Power Supply

The Flatcap 2x is an external power supply that replaces the Flatcap2. The improvements to sound quality are subtle but significant: dynamics are more even across the audio band, bass lines are more easily differentiated and the system noise floor is reduced. The performance improvements are even more obvious when powering a pre-amplifier and CD player at the same time. The Flatcap 2x can provide exceptionally low noise, dual power supplies for two separate Series 5 components; a NAC 112x and a CD5, or NAC 112x and Stageline, for example.

The Flatcap 2x transformer has two separate secondary windings to isolate each of the dual supplies from the other. It includes four Naim-tested and selected low-noise regulators to achieve its exceptional performance. Physical changes are: a Fraim-friendly stiffer thicker chassis; a new redesigned transformer with a higher VA rating, lower impedance and higher peak current capability. Heatsinks are also significantly larger.
It can be used with the NAC 202 and NAC 282 pre-amplifiers, and our SNAXO electronic crossovers to provide an effective, low-cost entry into active system operation. It can be used to power all of the Naim phono stages, active crossovers and pre-amplifiers except the NAC 552 and NAC 252.

An exceptionally low noise power supply. Can upgrade most Naim audio components. Can provides dual power supplies for two separate Series 5 components.

In very good condition. Includes original manual and box and packing.

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