Musical Fidelity CD-Pre24

CD Player-Preamplifier-DAC

From 2002, this is a great sounding feature rich model. Includes remote control, but original box, packing, and manual are not included.

Top cabinet has seen some use, but rest is in nice condition and works great! For specs, see last pix.

When Musical Fidelity launched this CD-Pre 24, many described it as evolutionary and revolutionary. There were CD player/DAC models or DAC/preamp but never CD player, DAC and preamp all rolled into one. The preamp section was not even a digital preamp but an analog preamp where you can hook up to three analog gears. With so many features all rolled into one, the common expectation was that one of its feature will be its weak linked. But not so for this Musical Fidelity piece. It was exemplary as a CD player, as a DAC and as a preamp. Either one feature would have fully justified its original $3,000 (!) asking price but to have all of it at the same asking price, it was a bargain. Built quality wasn’t too far off from the more expensive Nu-Vista range and neither was its sound quality. At this price, its a steal just as a preamp or CD player alone. The DAC section is an added bonus.

"Quirky, unique, and oh so handy for the home-recording enthusiast, the Musical Fidelity CD-Pre24 packs versatility, flexibility, and first-class sound into an attractive, reasonably compact, extremely well-built package. And considering that its CD performance comes surprisingly close to the Nu-Vista 3D's and it costs $2500 less, think of the CD-Pre24's preamp, DAC, digital switching, and tape loop as premium freebies." - Stereophile

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