Musical Fidelity A300

Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier


Dual Mono Class A/B integrated amplifier with 150 watts per channel into 8 Ohms and 260 watts per channel into 4 Ohms.

Great sounding, highly acclaimed amp in reallty nice condition. Rare Silver front dial with Gold NuVista speaker connections. Remote, original box and packing, and manual included.

Made in England, the Musical Fidelity A300 is a class A/B amp with a rare combination of neutral sound and high-power. With dual mono amplifiers, the unit controls each speaker individually delivering delicacy and precision with better imaging, depth of field and transient response. Capable of handling real-world speakers, the A300 is destined as a classic for audiophiles and music lovers who simply want something better without the complexity of separates. The A300 has a clean, minimalist design with a large siver plated volume knob front and center. 150 watts per channel (250wpc into 4 ohms), massive gold plated speaker posts, 5 line-ins and both MM/MC phono stages, active pre-out (for easy bi-amping) and a remote control.

SoundStage! reviewers gave the amp Choice Product Rating and Reviewer's Choice Award:

Full Specifications:
THD < 0.008% at 1KHz < 0.005% at 1KHz ('A' weighted)
Frequency response 20Hz - 20KHz +0.5dB
Inputs 1 phono 5 line level
Outputs Speaker outputs, Tape out, Preamp out.
Input sensitivity (line inputs) 300mV (for full output)
Input sensitivity (MM input) 3.5mV (for full output)
Input sensitivity (MC inputs) 350uV (for full output)
Input impedance (line inputs) 100KOhm
S/N Ratio (line inputs) > 83dB 'A' weighted (Ref 1W) > 100dB 'A' weighted (Ref 150W)
S/N Ratio (MM) > 78dB 'A' weighted (Ref 1W) > 82dB 'A' weighted (Ref 150W)
S/N Ratio (MC) > 70dB 'A' weighted (Ref 1W) > 73dB 'A' weighted (Ref 150W)

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