music hall dac25.2

DAC / Headphone Amp


In excellent condition. Sorry no original manual, box and packing is available, but we will pack carefully:)

Great sounding and feature rich!  The dac25.2 is a combination digital-to-analog processor and headphone amplifier.

By uniting a state-of-the-art digital-to-analog converter with a tube output stage the dac25.2 produces the clarity and precision of a 24-bit DAC with the warm, open and natural sound of tubes. The dac25.2 has 4 digital inputs - Coax (SPDIF), Tos-Link, XLR (AES/EBU) & USB digital input for ultimate compatiblity with virtually any source.  When input a digital signal from an iPod transport (Wadia), computer, media server, Sonos, Squeezebox, CD or DVD transport, the dac25.2 will output gloriously rich two channel music either to your system via the RCA or XLR (balanced or single-ended) output jacks or through its own built-in, high-quality headphone amplifier.

The dac25.2 features the latest Burr-Brown PCM1796 24bit/192k, stereo audio DAC. This processor features 123dB dynamic range, an 8x oversampling digital filter, and achieves a miniscule 0.0005% THD. The dac25.2 will upsample incoming signals to either 96kHz or 192kHz at 24 bits, with user selectable, front panel control. To achieve the best sound, Music Hall uses an advanced asynchronous reclocking and anti-jitter control system upstream of the PCM1796 DAC, a Philips 74HC574, in conjunction with a Ti SRC4192 Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter, whose master clock is a high precision active crystal oscillator. To ensure a lifetime of flawless operation, the dac25.2 uses an oversized, high current power supply.

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