Monitor Audio Radius 90


When Monitor Audio decided to create a 'lifestyle' line of speakers they did so using the exact same quality we've learned to expect from them. They manufactured their own drivers using the same technology they use in their full range and bookself speakers only miniaturizing them. For the cabinets they crafted some of the most stylish cube or satelite speakers you'll ever see. Their sound is equally impressive. Obviously, due to their size they are going to be a little lacking in the bottom end (they are designed to be used with a sub), but these are real speakers. Their mid and top ranges are very listenable and they image surprisingly well. If you are in the market for a pair of speakers that won't be the centerpiece of your room or if you just have some spacial restrictions please consider this fine pair of Radius 90's. 

UPDATE: We sold the stands to these speakers but the speakers themselves are still available. 

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