McIntosh MC240

Vintage Tube Power Amplifier

Some might say that the McIntosh MC240 is the best tube amplifier ever to have been built and I tend to agree with those folks. When you turn this amplifier on and sit back and start listening nothing gets in the way of the music. It is tonally balanced, never harsh or fatiguing, has plenty of bass extension, and its mid-range is the stuff of legend. 


This particular one is fantastic. All functions work as intended and it is in decent cosmetic condition. We did do some very minor work on it - replaced a few low value caps, replaced the thermistor, cleaned all the pots and switches, and re-tubed it. The tubes are nothing too special - Electro-harmonix and JJs - but it does sound really sweet. The lettering on the chrome is mostly gone and there are some small areas where you will see pitting.


It is also important to note that we have two of these amplifiers. They came from the same owner and are in about the same condition. If you're interested in both, please message us.  

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