McIntosh MC 206

6 Channel Power Amplifier


If you are looking for a dedicated mulitchannel amplifier to drive your surround system, please take a look at this McIntosh MC206. It is a 6 channel amplifier capable of producing up to 200 watts per channel of clean, warm, and accurate sound without any harshness or fatiguing. As with all specs from McIntosh, that 200 WPC number is very conservative. This power amplifier will drive most multichannel speaker systems without any issue. 

It is in beautiful condition with the front face clean of any blemishes and the warm glow of the meters looking as nice as they did the day it was made. This amplifier is heavy. It weighs 53 lbs and 72 lbs in its shipping box. While this amplifier did not come in with its original shipping box, we have ordered a new box from McIntosh. 

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