McIntosh C22

Vintage Tube Preamplifier

Here is a gorgeous McIntosh C22 stereo preamplifier. It is in excellent condition - we've been doing this for over 35 years and have never seen one of these in such great condition. If you've watched our auctions, you would have seen that we recently posted a MC240 and a MR71 that were in near perfect condition. This C22 came from the same owner and was just as nicely taken care of: it spent most of its life in a built in cabinet.

Aside from dusting it off, cleaning the controls, replacing some bulbs, and re-tubing the preamp, not much else was needed. We try to leave units like this in original condition rather than perform any modifications. It is in perfect working order. We've re-tubed it using Electro Harmonix tubes and it sounds amazing. 

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