McCormmack Digital Drive DAC-1

Digital to Analog Converter


It's interesting to see the trends in DAC features change as we move further away from DACs that were built with the intention to be used with CD transports and towards DACs which are being built for today's that are intended to be used for streamers, Apple TVs, Chromecasts, smart TVs, etc. While sample rates, bit depths, and oversampling continues to increase, from a practical standpoint, the biggest change has been size and the number of input.  That being said, if you are considering a DAC for your digital streamer or if you are a person with only one digital source, you may want to consider something a little older like this McCormmack DAC-1. The DAC-1 is built like a full size piece high end audio equipment - it has an impressive, discrete power supply, it is housed in a nice copper plated steel chassis, and it has substantial, high quality connectors for its inputs, outputs, and AC cable. This particular one was modified to have two coax inputs which are selectable from the front panel. 

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