Marantz Model 4400

Quadraphonic Receiver

Here we have one of the great quadraphonic receivers of the 1970s. This Marantz Model 4400 has been painstakingly gone through by our quad specialist. He replaced the filter caps, changed out the light bulbs, cleaned all of the controls, burnished the relays, and gave it a clean bill of health. This unit is being sold with our usual 90 day parts and labor warranty (if sold in the continental US).

This is a superb receiver. It is able to produce 125 watts per channel (into 8 ohms). If you're interested in playing your two channel recordings through this, Marantz used something they called Vari-Matrix Synthesis which synthesized 4-channel audio from a 2-channel source. One of the most recognizable and iconic features of this beauty is, of course, the scope. Utilizing a Hitachi 50TB31 tube for its display, the scope acts as a tuning strength meter while also displaying channel separation. It can also be used as a signal source meter. The scope on this particular unit is in great working order. 

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