Magnepan Magneplanar Mini Maggies w/DWM Bass Panel

Mini Maggie System - Three piece full-range dipole speaker system

In excellent condition. Includes original box and packing.

This is a great desktop system or for a very small room. - Award Winning!

Basics: The standard Mini Maggie package consists of three elements: two dipole Mini Maggie satellite speakers (9-inch x 14-inch) and a single panel, dual-channel dipole DWM lower midrange/bass module (19.25-inch x 22.5-inch).

Mini Maggie Satellite:

•The Mini Maggie satellites features true ribbon tweeter (roughly .8-inch x 6.7-inch), which are essentially a scaled-down version of the famous ribbon tweeters used in Magnepan’s larger 3.7 (and now the new 20.7) loudspeakers.
•The Mini Maggie satellites also feature compact (roughly 4.5-inch x 8.5-inch) planar magnetic midrange drivers.
•Each Mini Maggie satellite is fitted with a driver protection fuse, a set of high-current capacity speaker taps, and connectors where an optional tweeter-output padding resistor (included) can be installed, if desired.

DWM Mid-Bass Module:

•The DWM module is a single panel, one- or two-channel, dipole lower midrange/bass driver. Many users mistakenly think of the DWM as being just a “woofer” (or “subwoofer”), but in fact it is more than that. Specifically, the DWM module not only provides all of the bass output for the system, but also contributes a significant part of the system’s lower midrange output.

•The DWM provides dual (left/right) high-current speaker taps and satellite speaker outputs (see rear panel DWM photo). Along with dual inputs, etc., the DWM provides connectors where optional woofer-output padding resistors (included) can be installed, if desired.

•The versatile DWM module provides built-in crossover network with settings appropriate for use with several different Magnepan products.

•DWM uses a planar magnetic mid/bass panel that, by design, features dual conductors or “voice coils” (one set for the left channel of the Mini-Maggie system, the other for the right channel). Note, however, that while the DWM panel can be used with two-channel inputs, it also works fine with a single-channel input.

Magnepan Mini Maggie desktop speaker system
Type: 3-way planar magnetic/true ribbon speaker system
Frequency Response: 40Hz – 40 kHz
Desktop satellite modules: 86 dB/500Hz/2.83V
Mid/bass module: 86 dB/50Hz/2.83V
Impedance: 4 Ohms, satellite and mid/bass modules
Desktop satellite modules (H x W x D): 14” x 9” x 1.25”
Mid/bass module (H x W x D): 19.25 x 22.5” x 1.25”
Weight (complete three-piece system): 41 lbs.

Magnepan DWM mid/bass module
Type: Planar magnetic
Driver complement: 1-way
Frequency response: 40 Hz -5 kHz (wideband)
Sensitivity: 86 dB/1 meter/100 Hz/2.83 v.
Impedance: 4 ohms
Dimensions (HxWxD): 19.25” x 22.5” x 1.25”
Weight: 19 lbs.

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