Lyngdorf Audio TDAI-2170

Audiophile Stereo Integrated Digital Amplifier with all upgrade modules

In excellent condition! Includes everything  - mic, remote, etc., except manual, which is easily found on the web. Original box and packing are not included.


The Absolute Sound Magazine's Editors Choice! : ...."The Lyngdorf TDAI-2170 is much more than an integrated amplifier. Although it performs the functions of an integrated (85Wpc), it can accept just about any digital or analog sources, and also offers RoomPerfect DSP room correction. The RoomPerfect system does a remarkable job of smoothing out and neutralizing what the room is doing to degrade the sound of your speakers, and once you have heard how RoomPerfect fixes this up, you won’t want to go back to the uncorrected sound. Sonically, the TDAI 2170 is impeccable. The amplification, in particular, has an extraordinarily silent background, a sense of being “non-electronic,” and an ability to provide direct access to the source material. Operating the TDAI 2170, including the room-correction setup, which needs to be done once only, couldn’t be simpler. Moderate price, compact size, ease of use, flexibility, and truly remarkable sound are all right there at the touch of a few buttons."

Designed, developed, and manufactured in Denmark, the TDAI-2170 is a stylish integrated stereo amplifier that has set a new standard in sound. In addition to being fully digital and having flexible upgrade modules and RoomPerfect™ room correction technology, the TDAI-2170 provides the formula for a sound experience that has left critics and listeners astounded.

BUILT-IN ROOMPERFECT™ ROOM CORRECTION: With most systems, more than 50% of the sound you hear comes not from your speakers, but from your room. The placement of your speakers and the shape and dynamics of the room—echoes, reflections, and absorption—have great influence on what you hear. RoomPerfect™ is the most advanced and user-friendly room correction system in the world. It identifies the characteristics of your speakers and the influence of your room, and it takes the room out of the equation. With RoomPerfect™, your speakers sound exactly as the manufacturer intended them to, not the way your room makes them sound.

TRUE DIGITAL AMPLIFICATION; The TDAI-2170 is 100% digital, without sound-deteriorating digital-to-analog conversions. The digital signal drives the speakers directly, with no translation and no middleman. This unique and technically demanding solution offers noiseless and crystal clear replay at all sound levels. It will deliver the most enjoyable and uncolored sound you have ever experienced.

ICC (INTER-SAMPLE CLIPPING CORRECTION): When music is being mastered, the level is often very high; upon analysis, you will often find several consecutive maximum samples, indicating something has been clipped away from the original signal. Audio that exceeds 0 dBFS (decibels relative to full scale) will sound very compressed because the headroom is nonexistent. This harsh sound is an unfortunate trend in the music industry and is typically referred to as “the loudness war.” In order to compensate for this, we have created ICC (Inter-sample Clipping Correction). With ICC, the TDAI-2170 can automatically adjust up to 12dB headroom in the signal processing to avoid clipping of the signal. Through this you will enjoy the full dynamic range and a more natural sound.

BENEFITS FOR ALL SPEAKER SYSTEMS: Whether used with full range, satellite, in-wall, or on-wall speakers, the TDAI-2170 is the perfect choice for any brand or model on the market. Because of its unique technologies, the long-contested challenge of speaker placement no longer compromises performance. On the contrary. Simply place your speakers up against the wall to get the least amount of damaging reflections. From there, RoomPerfect™ will adapt the speaker to the room and remove any unwanted bass boom. Have a subwoofer? Not a problem. RoomPerfect™ perfectly aligns the subwoofer and speakers’ frequency response, so differences between peaks and dips in the bass and midrange responses are eliminated.

Power Rating: 2 x 170 W @ 4Ohm

Inputs:: 2 x Analog Single Ended RCA, 2 x Coaxial Digital (≤192kHz / 24 bit), 4 x Optical Digital (≤ 96kHz / 24 bit)

Outputs:: 1 x Coaxial Digital (96kHz / 24 bit), 1 x Single Ended Analog

(Optional Modules)- INCLUDED: 4K HDMI Module (≤192kHz/24 bit) CEC and ARC compatible, Streaming USB Input Module (≤384kHz/32 bit + DXD / DSD64 / DSD128), High-End Analog Input Module (3 x single ended / 1 x balanced)

Dimensions (HxWxD): 10 x 45 x 36 cm, 3.9 x 17.7 x 14.2 in

Weight:: 8 kg / 17.6

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