Classic AM/FM Tuner at a great price!


In very nice condition! Includes factory remote and manual. Original box and packing are not inlcuded. Ortiginal price when new - $1800.00!!!!

A great tuner at a great price!

From 1995.The Kudos remote control Tuner provides a standard of performance close to Linn’s top-of the-range tuner, the Kremlin, already acclaimed as one of the world’s best tuners. Yet, at a fraction of the price, the Kudos represents astounding value for money.

Inputs:  FM: 75 Ohm Coaxial Connector;  AM: Screw Terminals

Audio Outputs: Connectors: 2 pairs RCA Phone,


(FM) 775mVrms into 1k Ohm at 75kHz peak deviation

(AM) 775mVrms into 1k Ohm at 100% modulation;

Impedance: 200 Ohms; Min Load: 1k Ohms

Tuning Range:

FM: 87.5MHz-108.5MHz or 75.5MHz-90.5MHz (Japan);

AM: Europe 144-279kHz & 522-1611kHz

USA/Japan 530-1730kHz

Mains Supply: 100/120/220/240V +/- 10%

Power Consumption: <20W

Size: W 320mm x D 326mm x H 80mm

Weight: 2kg

Full Specs are last image.

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