Krell S-1200U

Surround Preamp / Processor


In 2008, Krell had a pre/pro called the Evolution 707. It cost $30,000 and was touted as the greatest sounding pre/pro in existence. It used the finest components available, award winning circuitry, and boasted no op amps or ICs in the signal path. Not everyone has $30,000 to spend on a pre/pro Krell built a $10,000 pre/pro that used a lot of technology from the Evo 707. The Krell S-1200U is that pre/pro.

It is an 8 channel pre/pro that is built to meet the highest expectations of audio and video presentation. In its analog audio stage, all circuits are discrete Class A, direct coupled. Balanced and unbalanced signals are available. In the video section, bandwidth was increased to 340 MHz at 48 bits. The (U) stood for an upgraded model which included the following improvements: upgraded power supply, motherboard, video circuitry, analog and digital circuitry, as well as a new faceplate and rear panel.

This one is in excellent condition. It has been fully tested and serviced by our technician. 


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