Krell KAV-280p

Remote Controlled Stereo Preamplifier

In very nice condition. Includes factory remote. Original box and packing are not included. Manual is easily found on line.

The KAV-280p is a superb sounding stereo preamplifier that brings the dynamics and resolution of separate components to the KAV Series. Balanced, direct-coupled circuitry is utilized from input to output, and the level attenuator is accomplished with a unique, digitally controlled analog circuit. Balanced and single ended inputs and outputs are supported. This one features a  custom-machined aluminum silver enclosure.

The KAV-280p uses current tunnel and surface mount technology derived directly from the state-of-the-art Krell Current Tunnel (KCT) preamplifier. Its extremely wide bandwidth makes the KAV-280p the ideal preamplifier for today's high resolution sources. The extended frequency response made possible by Krell Current Mode circuitry insures fidelity and phase coherence within the audio passband for convincing recovery of the most complex audio programs. The single ended and balanced inputs are buffered for optimum interface characteristics.

All circuitry is direct-coupled; there are no capacitors in the signal path. Four layer copper clad circuit cards utilize a proprietary ground scheme and are designed by Krell engineers to minimize noise and crosstalk. High-speed, bipolar transistors are used throughout. The power supply is heavily regulated and utilizes a 100VA torroidal transformer. As in the KCT, regulation is nested throughout the circuit to insure timely voltage delivery to the various gain stages. A micro controller with highly reliable, sealed relays and gold contacts manages input selection duties.

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