Krell FBP-300

Balanced Power Amplifier


In nice condition, with a small amount of top panel discoloration. Sounds amazing! Sorry no original box or packing is included, but we promise to pack carefully! Manual can be easily found and downloaded from the internet. Note this is 110 pounds!

If your speakers present a difficult load, this Krell "Full Power Balanced" amplifier is the answer.  Capable of delivering clean high-current power in a class A configuration, and rated at 300W for 8 Ohms with up to 1200W at 2 Ohms. Utilizes Krell's "Sustained Plateau II Bias Technology" to keeps things in check, and a fully balanced design from input to output which ensures the best stereo separation possible.  Since this amp is direct coupled (meaning there are no coupling capacitors in the signal path), careful consideration should be made when choosing and connecting a preamp.The foundation of sound-stage portrayed by this amp is staggering. Few components can anchor musicians in place like this. It throws a huge three-dimensional image that very few amplifiers can match. The bass is as good as it gets for power, speed and grip on the speakers.


Frequency Response:
20Hz - 20kHz +0.0, -0.05 dB
0.1 Hz - 240kHz +0.0,-3.0 dB

26.4 dB

1 kHz 0.02%
20 kHz 0.15%

Input Sensitivity:
2.35 Vrm

Input Impedance:

Output Voltage:
Peak to Peak 170V

Output Power, Each Channel Driven:
8 Ohms 300 W
4 Ohms 600 W
2 Ohms 1,200 W

Power Consumption:
Standby 75 W
Idle 350 W
Max. 3,000 W

Inches - 19w x 10.2h x 19.9d
Centimeters - 48.3w x 25.9h x 50.5d

Pounds - 110.0
Kilograms - 50.0

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