Kharma Elegance

Active Subwoofer with DSP

List Price: 8750.00

In very good condition.( 8 out of 10) Includes original box, packing, and all accessories including the unopened demo CD and unused discs for the spike feet. S/N EL0026099

The manual is available for download on Kharma's website which provides some examples of what the DSP engine can do. See that and more info at:

As one would expect from any Kharma product, it is a gorgeous object with fit and finish beyond compare.

In beautiful gloss black finish. Aside from the occasional swirl marks or fine scratches typical of a gloss black finish, there are two blemishes that can be seen in the images: a small scratch approximately 1/8" long on the top front of the sub, and a small scuff/abrasion on the left side near the back (please ignore the dust- the camera picks up everything!)

This is one of the finest subwoofers available regardless of price for music playback.

It is of course the perfect match to transform any Kharma speaker, though its extraordinary definition, dynamics and lack of resonance or overhang allow it to blend seamlessly with any speaker, dynamic, planar, or electrostat.

The advanced DSP, configurable via Kharma's free iOS app, offers precise adjustment of crossover slope (6,12,18, or 24db), Q (Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel or Butterworth), frequency (any frequency between 20 and 200hz.), and five bands of parametric EQ adjustments for correcting room anamolies.

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