JBL Apollo C51

Rare and amazing speakers from JBL

Here we have a gorgeous pair of JBL Apollo speakers. All drivers and components have been verified and tested. The cabinets are in great condition save for a couple of water marks and the usual wear you'd find from a set of speakers that are nearly 50 years old. The grills are something to behold - their wicker is in exceptional condition. There are some imperfections on the back panel (see photos). This seems like something that could be refurbished and refinished with some basic woodworking skills.

This pair of Apollo C51's comes with what was known as an S7 driver system. The driver system in these is as follows:

  • JBL LE15a Woofer
  • JBL LX5 Crossover Network
  • JBL LE85 Compression Driver (tweeter)
  • JBL H91 Horn
  • JBL L91 Lens

All drivers and components have been removed, inspected, and tested separately. The speaker was then expertly put back together and played for quite a while to confirm operation. They are in excellent operational condition and sound exquisite. 

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