Gram Amp 2SE

Vintage Phono Preamplifier

In good condition. Original box and packing are not available.  Amazing performance!

The Gram Amp 2 Special Edition phono stage preamp was first introduced specifically for the US market in 2001. Gram Amp 2 SE designer, Graham Slee, has worked at the highest end of pro-audio design - broadcasting. This experience includes designs used by the UK's national and international broadcasting organization, the BBC. A vinyl enthusiast with a varied collection (from rock to classical) he prefers listening to real vinyl than taped copies. He also has an in depth knowledge of record reproduction technology, from the disc cutting stage to playback in the studio or home. Graham has worked in Hi-Fi too. In this light, the Gram Amp 2 SE phono preamplifier he designed and crafts personally by hand are going to give you vinyl reproduction limited only by turntable, tone-arm and cartridge performance.

Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 SE phono preamp has achieved world-class status and received a compendium of recommendations and awards, testaments to its timeless and world-class excellence:

Recommended system component Stereophile October 2002/ Recommended Best Buy The Absolute Sound Oct/Nov 2002 issue 138
Recommended Best Buy The Absolute Sound Dec 2002/Jan2003 issue 139/ Recommended system component Stereophile April 2003
Recommended system component Stereophile October 2003/ 2003 Editors Choice Best Buy The Absolute Sound Oct/Nov 2003 issue 144
2004 Editors Choice Best Buy The Absolute Sound Dec/Jan 2004 issue 145/ Recommended system component Stereophile April 2004
Recommended system component Stereophile October 2004/ Recommended system component Stereophile April 2005
Highly Recommended Stereo Times May 2007/ 2007 Editors Choice Best Buy The Absolute Sound October 2007 issue 175
2009 Editors Choice Best Buy The Absolute Sound September 2009 issue 195/ 2010 Editors Choice Best Buy The Absolute Sound March 2010 issue 201

Perhaps the best way to describe the Gram Amp 2SE's performance is by what reviewers say:

"...all the earmarks of a giant killer...the more you listen to this thing on its own, the more you'll discover that you can play it for hours without fatigue...the presentation had a rare top to bottom cohesiveness, with a tonal balance unusually rich, lush, and, well, beautiful...It's love at first sound between the Gram Amp and vocalists, while violins are marvelously silken..." -Paul Seydor, Absolute Analog, The Absolute Sound, Feb/Mar 2002

"...the music the Gram Amp 2 SE produced was very well tonally balanced. It was easy to listen to but also imparted excitement without edginess. Amazingly, when partnered with quite expensive front ends and speakers, the Gram SE was not left wanting, it just played highly enjoyable music." -Steve Davey,, June 1, 2002

"...they'll be amazed by its sound...the Gram delivered genuine solidity in the mid-band and mid-bass. It was quiet, and free from the thinness, edge, and grain you usually get at this price...I wouldn't spend the difference between the Gram and the Dino if I were going to use it solely for MM amplification... I'd be paying for stages I wouldn't be using, and I wouldn't enjoy the sound over extended listening even with the Dino+ power supply option..."- Michael Fremer, Analog Corner, Stereophile, June 2002

"...a startling little machine. In the price versus quality sweepstakes, it is a winner in every way that counts: musicality, definition, preservation of instrumental and human voice timbre, speed, fullness of sound and, finally, price..."- Neil Walker,, Issue 0402

"...I can’t think of any other phono stage anywhere near its price that can match the 2 S/E’s clear, taut, and dynamic bass response, nor approach its high frequency clarity and resolution....Its combination of superb wide band sonic performance and exemplary musical communication sets the standard for budget phono stages. Highly recommended."- Paul Szabady, Stereo Times, May 2007

"This stripped down little number has a sweet, mellow sound, and very low noise and perceived distortion.The sound is a little veiled (though remarkably grain-free) and, while not the last word in wide dynamics, has astonishing composure and musical integrity. "- Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound, March 2010, Issue 2010


-Input range: 2mV - 10mV rms
-Output range (for above inputs): 224mV - 1120mV rms
-Gain: 41dB (Av 112) ref 1kHz
-Phase margin: 90°
-Maximum input level: 41mV (ref: 1 kHz)
-Input impedance resistive: 47k ohms
-Input impedance capacitive: 100pF
-Output noise: (CCIR Q-Pk 22Hz-22 kHz) -74dB
-Equivalent input noise (EIN) -115dB
-Reproduction characteristic: RIAA within 0.5dB total deviation 20Hz-20kHz
-Noise measured @ 80Hz, 1kHz, 5.6kHz and 16kHz: <0.05% (typically <0.015% @ 1 kHz)
-Channel balance: 0.1dB
-Channel separation: 64dB

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