GoldenEar SuperCenter XXL

Center Channel Speaker - Perfect Match for Triton Series Towers


In very nice gently pre-owned condition. Includes original box, packing, and, manual.  We are an authorized GoldenEar Dealer. 90 Day Warranty

The SuperCenter XXL is a larger version of the GoldenEar SuperCenter XL Center Channel Speaker and uses the same signature High Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) tweeter that is a core technology of the GoldenEar Technology family of speakers. The SuperCenter XXL contains one folded ribbon tweeter, four 5.25” cast-basket mid/bass drivers, two 6.75” x 8” Quadratic Planar Low-Frequency Radiators, and one 7” x 10” Quadratic Planar Low-Frequency Radiator.

With three Quadratic Planar Radiators, the SuperCenter XXL is capable of bass extension down to 33 Hz and can effortlessly anchor the center stage of your home theater. The SuperCenter XXL is a perfect match for a larger home theater utilizing any of the Triton Series Tower Speakers, and the SuperCenter XXL offers exceptional clarity and imaging.

(Smudges are in the pix not on the speaker)

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