Emotiva Pro Stealth DC-1

24/192 Balanced DAC and Headphone Amp


In excellent condition. Includes original box, packing, manual, and remote control.

The Stealth DC-1 features differential AD1955 dual independent D/A converters, each operating in high quality differential monaural mode, high-quality 4-layer FR4 PC boards, and an oversized torodial power supply with multiple stages of linear regulation. The Stealth DC-1 is more than just a DAC, as it can also function as a preamp. It features a precision volume control and headphone amp. Included is a beautiful and solid metal remote that allows the listener to select inputs and control volume as well as turning the unit on and off. The unit is housed in a sturdy steel casing which looks really nice too.

“If you would consider all the inputs and features of this unit along with the quality of sound, I think you would be hard pressed to find this kind of performance at this price anywhere else. I was very impressed with the Stealth DC-1’s sound and flexibility.” (Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, February, 2014)

Analogue input for a line-level source

Single ended and balanced outputs

Switchable asynchronous sample rate converter

Analog domain volume attenuation

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