Electrocompaniet ECD1

DAC From Fine Norwegian Builders


"The ECD1 is a 24Bit 192KHz upsampler DAC accepting 16 - 24Bit input and upsample it to 24Bit resolution. This will give approximately 10dB more headroom by lowering the noise floor, with more details reproduced. The D/A converter is a sophisticated balanced 192KHz unit. Due to the higher sampling frequency and the cancellation of digital noise in the balanced system, the bandwidth is moved 2 octave up in frequency, compared to standard CD system using 44.1KHz sampling frequency, and therefore a 6dB rolloff can be used. All analogue circuitry is fully balanced and symmetrical. With four input's and connection for AES/EBU ( balanced ), RCA and TOSLINK, all standard formats are covered."

Unit is in great condition and comes with original box and packing. 

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