dbx 3BX Series 2

3 Band Dynamic Range Extender


In nice condition. Oiginal box and packing are not included. Manual can be found on line.

If you're a music lover or an audiophile (or both), you have probably noticed that much of the excitement of a live performance is missing in a recorded or broadcast performance. The primary reason for this loss in excitement is that the dynamic range of the recorded or broadcast performance has been purposely restricted to fit the dynamic range limitations of the recording or broadcast mediums.

The 3BX Series Two is a sophisticated; three band expander that can restore the dynamic range, and excitement, to a recording or radio broadcast, adding considerably to your listening enjoyment. Ey expanding dynamic range, the 3BX Series Two lowers the characteristic noise levels of a tape, phonograph record, or FM broadcast. It restores the "punch" of loud passages, and the whisper of quiet ones. It can add new life to an old record collection, and make FM broadcast worth listening to. Circa early 1980"s.

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