conrad-johnson Premier Ten

Line-Stage Vacuum Tube Pre-Amplifier

In very nice condition. Original box, packing, and manual are not included.

The Premier Ten was essentially two mono preamplifiers sharing a line cord and power transformer. Introduced in 1992.

Specially constructed controls maintain a physical separation between channels to reduce capacitive-coupling and minimize crosstalk between channels. Individually regulated power supplies electrically isolate the two separate channels. Derived directly from the Premier Seven, the audio circuit of the Premier Ten consists of a single triode amplifier direct coupled to a triode cathode follower. The low output impedance of the cathode follower permits the use of the Premier Ten with highly capacitive amplifier interconnect cables without attenuation of the high frequency information. The zero feedback circuit insures temporal accuracy and spatial detail.

The volume control is a 23 position switch selecting among 23 pairs of resistors ­ never more than a single-pair of resistors are inserted in the signal path by this control. The balance control is an 11 position switch that is electrically out of the circuit in the centered position. There are no carbon-track or conductive plastic resistive elements to degrade the audio signal in the Premier Ten.





monitor and recording facilities for two tape decks with dubbing from Tape 1 to Tape 2


one pair amplifier (RCA main) outputs



record (tape out selector)





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