Carver TX-11

Vintage Asymmetrical Charged Coupled Quartz Synthesized Stereo FM Tuner


A classic ! The Carver TX-11 is a technical tour de force which further distances Bob Carver’s unique products from traditional components – and which can vastly enhance your enjoyment of the myriad kinds of music and entertainment available from the airwaves. It dramatically reduces FM multi-path and distant station noise while providing stereo reception with space, depth, ambiance and full separation. The TX-11 also opens up whole new sonic possibilities through the incorporation of the world’s finest stereo reception section. Two technical innovations. One inventor. With the TX-11, you can receive FM stereo stations so fraught with interference and distortion that you may be tempted to return to mono.

Ultra-High Fidelity Wide-Band AM Stereo.

Asymmetrical Charge-Coupled FM Stereo Detector.

13 Random AM/FM Station Presets.

Multi-path Elimination Circuitry.

Noise Reduction.

In good condition. Sorry no original manual, box and packing are available, but we promise to pack carefully!

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