Carver TFM-15

Vintage Stereo Power Amplifer


The Carver TFM-15 Power Amplifier is one of the most well-known amplifiers designed by Bob Carver. Features extended low frequency performance, excellent power bandwidth, low residual noise, stable performance into complex impedances, flat frequency response, low distorsion and high dynamic headroom.

Judged against conventional amplifier standars, it is second to none; its sound quality is smooth, sweet and absolutely dynamically accurate. It can deliver more than 100 watts RMS per channel into an 8 ohm loudspeaker with less then 0,1% THD and even more power into lower impedances. In addition, the closed-loop frequency response extends from below 10Hz to beyond 100kHz.

In good condition. Sorry no original manual, box and packing are available, but we promise to pack carefully!

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