Audio Research LS 2B

Hybrid Vacuum Tube/FET Stereo Line Pre Amplifier


In very nice condition! Original remote, box, packing, and manual are not included. Circa 1991

Audio Research engineers were given a simple mission in designing the LS2: create the best line-stage preamplifier ever, but skip the frills. The remarkably successful outcome also happens to be affordable. Approaching the theoretic ideal of a straight wire with gain, the LS2 maintains optimal signal purity by offering only the most essential control functions: a precision four section, 41 detent attenuator and a gold contact input selector switch. For ultimate sonic fidelity, the LS2 owner may select the Direct Gain Path - a separate set of inputs which routes the incoming source signal directly to the attenuator and on to the gain stage.

Additional controls include manual muting (complementing a sophisticated auto muting circuit) and switch defeatable tape outputs, used to prevent adverse loading effects when some tape recorders are connected to the tape outputs. Like other Audio Research pre amplifiers and line stages, the LS2 is a true Class-A circuit, capable of swinging 50 volts at the output, peak-to-peak. It provides 18dB of overall gain - perfect for today's line level sources, and ideal for use with the Audio Research PH1 phono preamplifier.

With the flexibility of five inputs plus the "Direct Gain Path", and three sets of main outputs (two with balanced XLR' s), the LS2 has enough connective options to suit most any ardent music l over. At the same time, only the most often used control functions have been included, making the LS2 a "hotrod" i n the best sense. Unnecessary controls and expense have been expunged.

Internally there are two transformers, and there is twice the amount of regulation of any previous single-chassis Audio Research preamp. New active feedback circuitry negates the effects of output coupling caps, which also contributes to the lower output impedance of the LS2. That impedance is maintained at lower frequencies in turn allowing greater bass control. As expected, the LS2 i s a pure Class A design which is capable of swinging 45 volts peak-to-pea k. With higher current capability, long interconnects or low input impedance amplifiers can be driven with remarkable ease.

Continuing the hybrid design concept which Audio Research has been renowned for, the LS2 al so continues the tradition of solidly built, handcrafted products.

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