Audio Physic Avanti

Three and Half Way Design Tower Loudspeakers

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These Avanti loudspeakers have won SoundStage! Reviewer's Choice, Tone Audio Exceptional Value Award, What Hi Fi Four Stars, to name just a few! They include the most recent proprietary third generation tweeter and woofer design and "they offer a level of clarity and resolution found in the world’s finest speakers at any price." -Tone Audio. These are in excellent condition in the beautiful High Gloss Rosewood finish... Includes both traditional cloth grille and a glass grille "cutout" for a clean look highlighting the divers. BONUS: They include a set of the VCF II M8 Magnetic feet. (a $850 value). Their cutting-edge design enables a noticeably improved audio fidelity, reproduction authenticity, and protect sensitive floors from scratches. Original  box, packing, and manual are included for the speakers and the magnetic feet.

"you could spend a good bit more on speakers and not get sound quality at this level. The Avanti is very well built, full of innovative engineering, and extremely handsome...But the main reasons the Avanti is a great speaker are its exceptionally clean sound and ultraprecise imaging, which give it the ability to create truly holographic images on a wide, deep soundstage. It may lack the ultimate in bass extension, but it can precisely differentiate the low frequencies it can reproduce, further enhancing its ability to provide an expansive sound. I highly recommend the Audio Physic Avanti. In the game of high-end loudspeakers, it’s a serious contender that deserves very strong consideration." - SoundStage

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