Assemblage DAC-2 by Sonic Frontiers


A few cosmetic scratches, but this works and sound great! Original box, packing, and manual are not included.

The Assemblage DAC-2 is actually an amazing little box. You get an HDCD equipped, dual 20-bit DAC. Unlike many other, far more expensive DAC's, the mandatory 6dB non-HDCD attenuation is performed in the analog domain, so full digital resolution is retained at all times. The case, while small (9.5 inches x 7 inches x 2 inches), is very nicely constructed. The clean front panel (.25 inches thick!) has a green led to indicate signal lock, a red HDCD led, a phase toggle and a toggle to chose from among the 3 inputs. The rear panel has RCA analog outputs, a detachable power cord and the three input jacks, TosLink, RCA and BNC.

"One thing that was immediately apparent about the DAC-2 was its lively and up front presentation. Rather than a middle of the hall presentation, the DAC-2 placed me in row B. At times this gave a very engaging window on the music....As you can guess, the lively and up front presentation also combined to deliver the impression of a lot of detail. While never analytical or sterile, the DAC-2 did serve up a lot of musical tidbits. The Assemblage was able to extract the sound of guitar fingerings, piano and sax keys being pressed, vocalists breathing, etc. Best of all, this detail was never spotlighted, rather it was revealed as part and parcel of the performance. For some this detail can be the talisman that creates the illusion of real musicians. As for me, I found the DAC-2's ability in this regard was very welcome."  SoundStage! 1997

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