Acoustic Energy AE2 Signature

Reference Quality Bookshelf Speaker


These excellent speakers from Acoustic Energy are hand crafted to be a huge step forward from the original AE2 that were designed and produced back around 1990. Introduced in 1994, the AE2 Signature tweaked the crossover, used better matched driver units, further braced the inside of the cabinet, and used a luxurious, hand polished wood veneer on the outside of the cabinet. The results are breathtaking - both sonically and visually. To truly sing, you'll need some real power behind these. Their sensitivity is 90 dB and their impedance is 6 ohms.


This pair is in great condition. They operate exactly as they should and show little signs of age. Their original stands (originally selling for $1195) are available (not pictured) for $299 if you buy the speakers. We are selling them for $599 separately. 



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