Acoustic Energy AE2

Reference Quality Bookshelf Speaker


These are excellent classic speakers from Acoustic Energy, and this pair is in great condition. The Acoustic Energy AE2 is a very refined mini-monitor that exhibits large speaker characteristics with regards to dynamics and bass. The speaker is also detailed, revealing, and somewhat warm. The bass is exceptionally rich and strong and most importantly fast for a monitor of its size, and the midrange is true and clear.

It takes the AE1's imaging and details and widens its soundstaging qualities with more depth and width, and also portrays musical presentations as "full-sized" performers. Instruments have a sense of bloom and vocals are fleshed out perfectly. The Acoustic Energy AE2 is a very dynamic speaker that is great with jazz, classical and rock and compatible with tubes or neutral solid state amplifiers.  Their sensitivity is 90 dB and their impedance is 6 ohms. They operate exactly as they should and show little signs of age. Effortless power handling, tight bass and almost complete avoidance of cabinet boom.

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