Aaron One XX Anniversary Limited Edition

Remote Controlled Integrated Amplifier

The XX integrated amplifier was designed as a celebration of the Aaron’s 20th year in business in 2009. It’s a meaty, single-ended only, DC-coupled Class AB amplifier delivering 80W into eight ohms and 140W into four though its high-bandwidth bipolar output devices.You can connect 6 stereo devices with high-level outputs, such as CD players, tuners, et cetera, and a recording device. The XX even has a preamp output that allows you to use another stereo amp for bi-amping your speakers, if they are designed for this mode. In nice condition, includes original factory remote.

"The sound is articulate, coherent, detailed, extremely dynamic and infinitely presentable. The tonal balance is fundamentally neutral, with outstanding bass, and the solidity of instrument images on the soundstage is excellent. It can also pump out the sound like it was going out of fashion; it seems to have near endless, undistorted power delivery for its class. -  The Absolute Sound


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